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Caroline Van Keymeulen | How to communicate better to enhance our relationships with our team and coworkers.
Ryan Chatterton
December 19, 2017
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The first webinar in the series begins January 11th, 2018 with Caroline Van Keymeulen all about effectively managing coworking teams and members to get more out of your staff and community.

As leading providers of shared workspace and coworking management software, we meet with coworking managers at different stages, all over the world, all the time. And with that, we’ve developed a pretty broad but detailed understanding of what some of the key issues are, ranging from getting the basics right through to some pretty complex and advanced challenges that come with running a shared workspace. We constantly see the need for sharing valuable information and best practices within our growing industry. And these days, we’re lucky to have dozens of experienced thought leaders around the world, each with a wealth of knowledge. However, lots of this experience and knowledge gets ends up being siloed by region or within particular social groups in the industry.

So we’re excited to announce an all-new live webinar series for coworking managers, teams, and founders that’s aimed at helping shape and grow best practices in shared workspace management.

Each month Habu will be hosting one or more hour-long online workshops with world-renowned coworking and shared workspace industry thought leaders. Topics will include a wide variety of subject matters important to shared workspace managers and teams, including managing staff and members, stellar event production, marketing and sales, and setting up corporate sponsorships.

The first webinar in the series begins January 11th, 2018 with Caroline Van Keymeulen all about effectively managing coworking teams and members to get more out of your staff and community.

Effectively Managing Coworking Teams and Members

When: January 11th, 2018 @14:00 CET

Register here: http://bit.ly/2jbL0iK

Details: Join us for a live webinar for coworking space managers and leaders. Learn how to better manage your staff, increase communication, and manage the expectations of your member community.

In this workshop Caroline Van Keymeulen will present models and practical tips for effectively managing coworking teams and member communities. First, through the lens of Energy Leadership and the Process Communication Model, we'll look at how to better understand people, including working with different generation groups. Next we'll identify specific strategies to implement in your space, evaluate and analyze to create a plan, then we'll identify the gaps in your skills, knowledge, and attitude so that you can improve how you manage your team and community.

After the workshop there will be a 15 minute Q&A, where participants can clarify and ask for specific guidance. All participants will be sent a copy of the presentation.

About Caroline Van Keymeulen

Caroline is a certified iPEC coach with a background in events, recruitment and people management. She lives as a nomad entrepreneur working mainly in and with coworking spaces worldwide, and has organised many workshops for managers and members in coworking spaces. She was also a speaker at the Coworking Europe 2016 and 2017 and has given workshops at CU Asia 2016 and 2017 in HR, events and creative thinking.

Caroline advised student entrepreneurs in the worldwide program of intentsem (Ghent 2016). She is also a mentor for start-ups & scale-ups at bamboot.camp

LinkedIn: carolinevk

Skype & social media: mydailycious

About Human2Human

Human2Human is a business & HR coaching company that focuses on the human side in professional environments: from leadership to teamwork, reboots, transitions in organizations and lives.

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