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We’ll keep this simple, because who reads this stuff anyway, right?

As a Partner Program participant (yes, the alliteration was on purpose) we expect that you’ll only refer people that are interested in being actual clients of Habu.

This means that if a person (not you of course) try to game the system or are doing it just for the cash and it results in a lot of your referrals turning over, we’ll unfortunately need to remove that person (again, not you of course) from the program. Nothing personal, just business.

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Partner Program

Earn up to 20% each time you refer a customer to Habu.

When your referred customer makes their first Habu payment, you'll get 20% immediately sent to you via your preferred payment method. We'll do that each month, for the next 12 months.

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Why Recommend Habu Anyway?

Habu is the cleanest, simplest, and (dare I say) most handsome tool for managing your coworking space, office, or other shared workspace. We know this because our team is made up of experienced coworking and space management veterans. Our amazing developers roll out constant improvements to the product and our support team is just stellar. But don’t take our word for it, just ask these folks:
"If you manage workspaces like we do & have tried Google Docs or looked at overpriced software, check out Habu - it's a game-changer."
Dan Simon | Interim Spaces, London
"Habu is an incredibly sleek and user friendly platform. Running a 4 storey Co-Working and Studio space it’s imperative for us to easily support & manage our members alongside our bookings. Habu is an essential tool for our business, allowing us to save time on the day-to-day management and therefore focus on the bigger picture"
Georgina Mallabar | Red Brick House & PaperARTS, Bristol
" we're delighted to be using your smashing software! Less admin, more #tabletennis we say! "
Techhub Swansea
“I think the reason I like Habu so much is that they've developed this system as participants in the world of coworking, fully understanding what the issues are because they've lived it."
Mike Zeidler | Happy City Hub, Bristol
"The availability calendar on our webpage & booking form is brilliant"
Sarah Mason | Kambe House, Bristol
“I’ve always found Habu to be intuitive and easy to use. The overall design is great too - very fresh! The team are good with support and responding to our needs at Tec Marina. And as a beta user, I’m pretty excited by their latest developments and seeing what’s next.”
Natalie Rowley | Tec Marina, Cardiff
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