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Managing space bookings with Habu is a powerful proposition for any flexible workspace. It offers a streamlined, simple experience for all of your workspace users, whether they are a well-seasoned member or a first-time room booker. And through your configurations you can set who can access what space and how they pay for them, whether that's upfront, on account, or through allowances.

All through a responsive, dynamic and intuitive user interface!


Let's start with setting up a space on the admin side of things. Add those key details such as hourly or day price. Make the Appearance section look amazing with a great image of the space and a description of the space.

But pay special attention to the permission settings as this dictates who can use the space and how they will need to pay for it.

As a basic breakdown:

  • View: view only, with an option to send a message via a contact form
  • Add to Cart: payment will be required using a debit or credit card at the time of making the booking
  • Add to Account: an invoice will be issued manually or via invoice automation

For more on permissions please read on here.

To check how your page will appear to your workspace users, you can use the handy 'View Page' option to make sure you are happy with it. You'll see this option when you're not in edit mode.

Personas Matter

It's important to understand this, the page will appear to you as an admin, with all access. To test as a non-registered user or as a member/non-member, you should use a private (incognito) window, and create a persona (member, non-member, public) to reflect what you want to see.

Appearance Customization

You can also customize the appearance of the bookings card as it will appear to in the Users Area on the main Spaces page. Remember, you can customize the text that will appear. Just don't make it too wordy!

Members and Non-Members Bookings

Once you are happy with the configuration of your bookable spaces, you'll now want to direct your workspace users to make their own bookings. There are two ways that you can do this:

  • Through your website
  • Through the User Area

Bookings though your website

This section will just deal with how you integrate bookings into your website. I'll come to the entire user journey in the User Area section.

It's a very simple process to integrate one, or all of your spaces, into your website for, typically, public-facing bookings.

Space by Space
If you want to integrate spaces individually on your website, design your website accordingly. When you have the "book now" or "inquire" button or link ready, you'll need to head to each individual space in your Habu account and click on the "copy link" option.

All Spaces
If you want to allow your customers to view all the spaces applicable to them in one place (remember those permission settings!), you'll need to navigate to your Users Area and select the bookings component on the dashboard. When you've gone through to the overview of all spaces, copy the URL from your web

Website Integration
For either method, you'll then need to paste that into link:to field in your website builder.

Whether that's WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace or any other website building platform, the function is the same. Create the button, paste the Habu link in and you're ready to go live and take those bookings.

Bookings in the User Area

To view the overall set up in your Users Area from your admin account, use the circle in the top right and select the "Users Area" option.

You'll be taken through to the main User Area dashboard, which is how your members and regular users will most likely access your workplace benefits.

Remember, the User Area responds to your permission settings and will only show the relevant things to your workspace users!

To make a booking, all users need to click on the Bookings component. They are then taken through to the overview page of all spaces where they can can either use the time filter to provide them with the bookable options for a specified time. Or they can select their preferred space and go direct.

Within the detailed space page, users can change the details (time/date), add resources, attendees as well as any notes they might think relevant to the booking.

From here, depending on who is making the booking, a variety of options will present themselves to the person making the booking.

If the space is set to 'view only' for a defined user, they will have the option to email an inquiry:

You'll then receive an email to contact the user to follow up:

If the user is adding to account, they will receive a confirmation message.

If the users is adding to cart to pay and confirm their booking they will be taken through to the checkout. If they haven't registered before, they will create an account at the time of checking out:

If they are a returning user, they can sign in and their stored card details will be shown to make check out super simple and speedy.