Habu makes it easier, smoother and just more fun to manage successful coworking spaces.

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Coworking Tools You'll Actually Use

You should be spending your time and money on the things that really matter, like growing your community. That’s why our coworking software is built to handle the tedious tasks that come with running your workspace, all on one easy-to-use platform.


Quickly create robust membership plans that give members the perks they want, when they want them.


Make bookings for your members in mere seconds, or let them do it on their own. The choice is yours.


Our smart billing system updates charges dynamically and automates payments so you never have to worry about billing again.
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Simplicity. It’s our ethos.

Our team is obsessed with simplicity. From the way we run team meetings to the way we design beautiful user interfaces in Habu, simplicity is at the core of who we are.

That’s why every feature we develop is masterfully crafted to make managing your workspace intuitive and, dare we say, fun.

So no, we aren’t everything for everyone. But take our word for it, neither you nor us would want it that way.

Technology that sparkles

Habu is built on a modern stack of technology, ensuring it’s as fast and responsive in 3 years as it is now.

What’s more, we’ve dedicated countless hours to planning Habu’s architecture and code structure so that new features fit neatly into the platform as it grows, so Habu never feels like the software version of Frankenstein's monster.

For the nerds among you: Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, microservices, and AWS. We’ll be releasing an open API this Summer.

Less hassle, more happiness

Reduce admin. Automate bookings. Make more time for the important stuff.

Know exactly what’s happening when and where

Habu’s powerful calendar gives you an elegant view of your spaces, bookings, contacts and resources, putting key information right at your fingertips.
Using Habu is like gaining a superpower.
See each space in detail along with clear overviews. No more stacked, chaotic views of bookings. Just powerful, flexible ways of seeing the information that matters to you.
  • View bookings in dedicated calendars for your spaces
  • Search across meetings, events, hotdesks, offices and more
  • See how much each space is utilised and easily identify trends
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Manage more bookings in less time

Habu delivers a great booking experience for users, from enquiry through to payment. Save time, exude professionalism, and stay in control every step of the way.
Imagine a peaceful, efficient place. That’s Habu.
Forget all those unstructured booking request emails you receive. Not to mention the emails that simply get lost in the chaos. We’ve got your back. Habu helps you stay on top of bookings from enquiry through to follow-up emails after the event. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without Habu.
  • Create embeddable booking forms
  • Set up automated bookings
  • Display space availability calendars
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Your members will love you

Happy people are the heart of every thriving community. Habu provides a seamless experience for user signup and account management that will have your members singing your praises every day.
Habu makes your community come alive
The secret of a happy hub is the community that calls it home. But communities don’t just happen by themselves. With Habu we’re all about keeping it simple so new members can join quickly and easily. Your members gain access to the power of the Members App to make quick bookings, manage plans, connect with others, and discover what’s happening.
  • Simple sign ups
  • Create payment plans easily
  • Enhance your members’ experience with the Members App
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Get on top of payments and stay there

No more chasing late payments or forgetting to invoice. Habu supports both instant and monthly payment options, tracks all of your billing data, and connects to your online accounting software.
Never lose sight of your mission, or your money
We know, you’re all about community, not money. But staying on top of the money side of things is key to you doing what you do. With Habu you’ll never forget to invoice or have to chase late payments. Take instant payments for meeting rooms and set up recurring billing for membership plans. Invoicing? We’ve got that covered too. Habu generates automatic invoices for your members and integrates with the best online accounting platforms available, making it super simple to keep the money rolling in while you deal with the important bits.
  • Online payments
  • Invoicing
  • Accountancy integration
  • Recurring billing
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See how well you’re doing – and do better

Habu gives you real insights into what’s happening over time in your hub, allowing you to spot valuable opportunities for growth.

Members App

Bookings… a rich automated experience

Who knew booking a room could be so enjoyable? The Members App offers a dynamic and sleek experience for members to book spaces. All the while making your life easier.

Empower your Members

Let your members manage their details, change or add extras to their membership plans, check their current spend, past invoices, and make bookings... all without you doing a thing. Phew...


Community in a slump? The Habu Members App helps members break the ice and accelerate conversations. Members can see who's in the hub today and find out more about the people and businesses that make your hub great.

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