Pricing Guide

We like to keep things simple, and our monthly pricing reflects this. You just pay based on the number of active members you have for the month, and per location.
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per location
per member
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"I really love how Habu has the essentials. We use it in a couple of locations and we all agree, it’s simple, yet wonderful!"
Bridie Richie | Co-founder
Sprout Ventures | Melbourne | Australia
“Habu is the perfect Goldilocks solution for us. Not too simple, not to complicated, it's just right! 

The interface is intuitive and it takes almost no time to get up and running. And on top of all that, the Habu team has given us personal attention every step of the way.

We love Habu!”
Julia Berkovitz | Community Lead
The Park | Los Angeles | USA
"Habu is great... 
If only life were so simple!"
Catherine Scudamore | Founder
Unicorn House | Cheltenham | UK
"We’re so excited to have found Habu! Habu’s user interface & features far surpass that of other coworking software.

Customer service is also 5*. And their team are dedicated and fun in communication.
We’re delighted to be working with Habu on our coworking journey!"
Kate Stagg | Co-founder
The Lab Factory | Perth | Australia
"You guys are the best software company I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve dealt with many! So responsive in terms of time, to requests, and to dumb questions! Kudos to your culture."
Amalia Ridwan | General Manager
Sprout Ventures | Melbourne | Australia
"With Habu it's a total breeze. It lets me be super flexible and change things on the fly rather than being a rigid, heavy system that makes me do things in certain ways that don’t work for me. It gives me the flexibility, power, and support I need to run my business without headache.

Habu’s clean, intuitive design makes us look good and our users happy. Need I say more?"
Sue Reardon | Founder
Suite Spotte | Chicago | USA
“Habu has massively simplified our invoicing and payments system & our members love it!

They’re a truly valuable partner as we grow our business. By making practical & intuitive booking processes, Habu has really eased our day-to-day management.”
Steve Upham | Founder
Altspace | Manchester | UK
"We’re loving how user-friendly and intuitive Habu is! Training our large team was super simple, and Habu has saved us so much time with invoicing.

Habu’s support team is excellent, always speedy, and mega helpful. We're looking forward to rolling out even more Habu time-saving functionality across our workspace over the coming months!"
Krista Lahey-James | Events Manager
Coexist | Bristol | UK


What is an active member?
It's anyone that has an active subscription to a membership plan. Your team members and casual users are free.
How do you calculate active members?
We simply count the number of members (and locations) you have on your billing date and charge for that.
Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we do! It’s a 14-day trial. At the end of the trial, we'll check in to make sure you're happy with Habu and then send you your first invoice.
How long is the contract?
You can cancel anytime you like, and we'll even help you export your data. Cancellations take effect at the end of the cycle i.e. we won't take another payment.
What kind of exchange rate have you used?
The unit is the same across all three currencies as we like simplicity. It's also because there are different costs to operating in different markets. For example, our GBP & EUR prices include 20% UK sales Tax (VAT).
Do you have alternative pricing for different markets?
We think that coworking hubs and collaborative workspaces are fundamental to supporting startup and creative ecosystems wherever you are in the world. If you’re a small hub and charge less than $6 a day for a hotdesk, we’d be happy to work something out for you.
What if I need a feature you don't have?
Our mission is to make the best space management software that's ever existed. And to make that so, we've got a stack of great features on the way. If there's a feature you need or would like, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.
Can you import my data for me?
We’re all about making your life easier, so that’s a definite yes!
I’m currently using other coworking software, would it be difficult to move over to Habu?
Let’s just say it like this; moving house can be stressful and difficult. But if you’re moving to a fantastic new house and you’ve got great removal people, once you’ve got used to things being in slightly different places then you’ll feel a whole lot happier. That’s Habu for you. Just ask, and it shall be done.
Do you offer training?
It’s our goal to help you get up and running with Habu as simply and as quickly as possible. We also have a stack of support docs to help you out too. For any specific questions, you can use the icon on the bottom right corner and ask away. We’re also here to help you with any training sessions, data importing and integrations. Just let us know. We're here to help!
How do I get in touch?
You can email us at, call us on +44 (0) 117 2993998, chat with us on Skype or use the support icon on the bottom right corner.
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