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A dedicated space for your members and workspace users.
Robert Ollett
August 30, 2018
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The most frequent feature request we’ve ever had has been for member account management. A member dashboard. A member portal. Member zone. Or any number of other ways of saying it! We’ve taken things a step further with the Habu User Area release, as a delightfully designed, powerful and role-responsive area for all users, not just members.

Whatever people have called this feature, the motivating force behind the User Area is providing your members with an all-around better experience, the ability to connect with their community online and access your services. Looked at this way it’s all about member autonomy, enabling your members to do more of what they want and giving them control over their data. And the flipside of this is that you end up with more freedom, liberated from the multitude of tasks created by your workspace users over the course of a day.

The User Area

What does this mean in a nutshell?

Your members and non-members now have the ability to manage their account. That gives them more insight and control into what matters to them, and takes some of that admin workload away from you.

What kind of powers are we talking about?

We’ve super-charged your coworking customers and members with a whole host of powers designed to enable them to get practical things done, simply and easily such as:

  • making room bookings
  • hotdesk check-ins
  • viewing remaining allowances
  • buying products such as day passes
  • viewing invoices and upcoming charges
  • managing their account, profile and card details, and
  • discovering who the members in the community are

Those are some of the tastiest bits of what we’ve dished out, but there’s more!

Okay, you’ve whet my appetite. Tell me more!

Member Dashboard

Let’s take this back to the 16th Century for a moment and get the Latin out of the way: Scientia est potentia. That’s right. Knowledge is power. And by providing your members with the practical data and insights into their space use, they can make informed decisions.

Have they run out of hotdesk allowances? They can buy a day pass. Is there a plan that fits better for their needs? They can request to change it. Meeting room credits running low? They can top up or use your plan add-ons.

All from one screen. Available on any device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Users can also see your key workspace details at a glance: valuable information about your space, profiles of your management team, general contact information, hours of operations and any exceptions or holidays. On one simple page.

Account Management

This might sound a little on the dry side, but it’s far from it. Account management is the secret sauce. It enables your members to take control of the practical side of things which empowers them and liberates you.

Think about it. Your members have the most interest in and are best positioned to ensure their details are correct, whether that’s billing or their community profile. So Habu lets them get on with it, allowing you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Checking In and Room Bookings

We’ve created the ability for your members to simply and easily check themselves into your flexible hotdesk areas. It’s not total check-in automation or desk reservations, but by Jove, it’s a big step towards it. And those features are coming soon!

Additionally, we’ve revamped the existing booking app and brought that fantastic tool into the heart of the new supercharged user experience. That allows users to take full advantage of your workspace. And for you to increase your space utilization too.

Community Discovery

This one is for all the intrepid members out there intent on exploring who’s in their coworking community. Who doesn’t want to know others that use the space and what business connections might be had? We think of this as enhancing serendipity or accelerating water cooler chat, rather than Y.A.S.P. That right, we said it. We are not offering ‘Yet Another Social Platform.’ In this age of social media saturation, we know that’s unnecessary.

What’s needed are straightforward, simple insights into who your members might want to connect with. In-app chat will happen, but for now, all they have to do is use the contact information on the profile to shoot off a message. Or simply use their vocal chords to say “Hey John! I’m loving what you’re doing at [insert company name]. Let’s chat more”!

I think we can all agree on this: community boards, with rows of empty profiles, are a waste of time. And they don’t reflect well on your space either. With Habu, we only publish profiles that have actual information added. And because we care about privacy, we only publish profiles that have been shared by the user. Non-members don’t have access which preserves member privacy even further, while also providing an extra incentive to join your community (as if they needed that!). Which segues nicely to...

Member Self-Signup, Products & How to Sell Them

We’re out to provide you with seamless automation so you can focus on your members and grow your business. That’s why we don’t offer clunky website builders for our customers. Instead, we offer elegant and straightforward integrations with your website that let your brand shine while we do the heavy lifting.

You can also enable members to sign up for plans on your website (or email them a custom plan), choose plan add-ons, and pay a prorated amount on the spot. No more chasing down that initial membership payment!

The signup and checkout process takes less than a minute. By the end of those 60 seconds Habu will:

  • set up your new customer’s account
  • add the purchased item to their account
  • charge upfront for the purchase, and
  • send your customer a receipt and a notification to you

What's Next?

If you’re one of the many workspace managers or founders who requested this feature, we’re absolutely delighted to be delivering it to you and your members! So thanks for your feedback as it helps make Habu an ever more outstanding workspace management platform.  

And if you’re as excited about the new members’ experience as we are, hit that sign up button for your free trial. Or if you wanna talk Habu with us, you can sign up for a demo with one of our experienced and excellent human beings at team Habu whenever suits you!

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